ARTNet Working Groups

ARTNet focuses on the mechanistic bases of acquired resistance to cancer therapies and disease recurrence. It's central goal is to balance basic, pre-clinical, and translational research using an iterative team science structure that will enable hypothesis testing on the biological basis of resistance in clinically relevant model systems. ARTNet also aims to provide evidence along the shared tumor-tumor microenvironment (TME) continuum to inform new strategies that can be better translated into future clinical trials. Towards this goal, the ARTNet has initiated a two cross-cutting functional Working Groups with the broad goals to identify and address barriers to progress, and pioneer advances in the field.

Functional Screens and Assay Development ▼

Co-Chair: Alice Soragni, PhD - UCLA

Co-Chair: Eric Knudsen, PhD - Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Schedule: Virtually on the 4th Wednesday of every month starting from September 27th from 3-4 PM ET

Inflammatory Microenvironment and Tumor Cross Talk ▼

Co-Chair: Michael Deininger, MD PhD - Versiti

Co-Chair: Chunru Lin, MD PhD - MD Anderson

Schedule: Virtually on the 1st Friday of every alternate month starting from September 8th from 2-3 PM ET